Dreams and goals

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“You can’t achieve a goal without having it…” What precedes a goal? Why some dreams remain unrealizable? What does the success and professional growth of distributor depends on? Which instruments could help beginner in network marketing and how to use them?

You can find answers in this Valentin Kovalev’s book addressed to everybody who wants to succeed in business and private life.

Фрагменты книги:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Desire, dream, goal
  • Allow yourself a dream
  • Why and how goals assist in making desires come true
  • Rules of setting goals
  • Major and minor goals
  • Will Nature help us?
  • My ideal
  • Visualization
  • Pre-live your future
  • Techniques of goals awareness
  • Karmic protection (Accident prevention in setting goals)
  • Making plans
  • Album of Dream
  • Afterword